BillyOh Signature Preston Wooden Garden Bench

An Elegant, Stylish Place to Unwind

Finding a perfect spot to relax, have a catch up with friends and enjoy a sunny day can sometimes be a struggle if you have no outdoor furniture or your current garden furniture is in poor condition and in need of being replaced. A place to sit in a beautiful garden is a great luxury to have, and we believe that the BillyOh Signature Preston range of Wooden Garden Benches is the ideal solution for you if you’re searching for a stylish seating option for your outdoor space.

High Quality Materials and Workmanship

If you want a bench that’s comfortable, strong, and features high quality workmanship then look no further than the Signature Preston bench. With several stunning features, this bench not only looks amazing but feels just as good too. The high back provides you with plenty of support and comfort, and the raised arch is a beautiful, unique feature that will make this bench a stunning addition to your garden. The seat section is also curved, providing you with a comfortable place to sit, even for long periods of time.

Traditional Appearance with a Modern Twist

The vertical slats on the back rest are a timeless feature that gives a traditional garden bench image. The slats are spaced apart to provide maximum comfort. This subtle addition to a classic furniture design makes certain that this modern bench will look well placed in any garden and the hardwearing, quality materials ensure that the bench will continue to look good.

Why buy this product?

  • Made from acacia hardwood
  • Modern design
  • Preassembled seat
  • Thick, stylish wooden slates
Acacia Hardwood

Acacia Hardwood

The materials used to craft the Signature Preston bench is a solid acacia hardwood. The great thing about acacia wood is that because of its durability, it will continue to look and feel great all year round, even when the weather isn’t so good. Despite being so solid and tough, the wood is very light, so you can easily move and reposition the bench if you feel like changing the layout of your garden.

Easy Assembly

Not only is this bench easy on the eye, but it’s also easy to assemble. There are a few simple fixing points around the frame of the bench that screw in simply and easily using only an Allen key. The seat section comes preassembled so all you have to do is slot the seat into the frame and your assembly is complete, it really is that easy. This means that you can spend less time constructing your bench and more time enjoying it.

Easy Assembly
Pick your Perfect Size

Pick your Perfect Size

Available in a 2 or 4 seater option, the BillyOh Signature Preston wooden bench is a fantastic addition to any outdoor space. Whether you wish to relax and unwind alone, or catch up with a close friend or family member, the 3 size variations allow you to pick the perfect option to best suit your needs.

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