BillyOh Signature 6 Seater Set with Rectangular Table

This will look wonderful in your garden and will be ideal for those lovely evenings when entertaining. The table and chairs are foldable making it easy to store when not in use. It is advised that all garden furniture be stored inside or covered when not in use in order to protect it from the … Read more

New Garden Ideas

• Harvesting Vegetables: Enjoy the harvest • Fanciful Pots: Start a container garden • Control Your Yard: Tips for the gardener • Stop and Cut the Flowers: Enjoy your blooms • Mosaic Birdhouses: Decorative how-to Garden Question of the Week • Favourite Fragrant Flowers Gardening Guides • Landscaping 101: Ideas from the pros • Soil: … Read more

The Composting Resource

Garden enthusiasts everywhere sing the praises of compost, the “black gold” made from garbage that serves as a nutritional powerhouse in the ground. Compost is so rich with nutrients that almost any type soil benefits from adding it and its texture can improve the quality of even the toughest soils. As environmental concerns grow, composting is becoming … Read more

A Guide To Organic Gardening

The practice of organic gardening continues to increase in popularity. Organic gardening is a method of growing and cultivating plants that does not use synthetic fertilizers or insecticides. Organic gardening strives to find balance in the ecosystem of soil, light, and air; and the plants that are grown in them. Standard gardening uses artificial pesticides … Read more

Common Plant Diseases

Plants are subject to diseases just as humans are, and there are many different types of diseases that plants suffer from. Plant diseases can deteriorate the quality of a plant and if not treated will kill the plant completely. The introduction of invasive species of plants and animals has made the problem of plant diseases … Read more

The Botany Resource Page

Botany is the scientific study of plant life and its development. Scientists who practice this are called botanists. Botanists study various aspects of plant life including the identification of all types of plants and to determine whether they are safe to eat, are poisonous or have value as medicine. Botany has been practiced for several centuries with … Read more

Juno Tea For Two Set

A superior quality and very sturdy, hand cast aluminium set. Beautifully designed, based on wood carvings by master craftsmen. The aluminium used in this strong cast furniture has been specially developed by Nova’s technicians to ensure superior quality. Classically designed, extremely durable and an ideal size for small patios, balconies and conservatories. Available in deep … Read more

BillyOh Signature Preston Wooden Garden Bench

An Elegant, Stylish Place to Unwind Finding a perfect spot to relax, have a catch up with friends and enjoy a sunny day can sometimes be a struggle if you have no outdoor furniture or your current garden furniture is in poor condition and in need of being replaced. A place to sit in a … Read more