Common Plant Diseases

Plants are subject to diseases just as humans are, and there are many different types of diseases that plants suffer from. Plant diseases can deteriorate the quality of a plant and if not treated will kill the plant completely. The introduction of invasive species of plants and animals has made the problem of plant diseases even more widespread. Knowing about some of the most common plant diseases will help you protect your garden from becoming infected.

Grain Diseases

  • Root and Crown Diseases: Detailed information on this grain disease including symptoms.
  • Small Grain Smut and Bunt Diseases: Information on the various bunt and smut diseases.
  • Wheat Stripe Rust: Information on the signs and symptoms of the grain disease called strip rust.

Fruit Diseases

  • Apple Scab: Information on the symptoms and disease cycle of apple scab.
  • Coryneum Blight of Stone Fruits: Information on the different levels of severity on stone fruits.
  • Collar Rot: Information on collar rot in tobacco greenhouses.
  • Powdery Mildew: Information on powdery mildew and some management strategies.
  • Black Root Rot of Strawberries: Information on this fruit disease including aboveground and belowground symptoms.

Vegetable Diseases

  • Vascular Wilt Diseases in Potatoes: Information on the symptoms, organisms, and disease cycle of this vegetable disease.
  • Neck Rot of Onions: Information on the symptoms of neck rot in onions and the organisms that cause this disease.
  • Early Blight (Potatoes and Tomatoes): Management of early blight in potatoes and tomatoes and information on the organisms that cause this vegetable disease.
  • Blossom End Rot: Information on prevention and cultural recommendations for blossom end rot.

Shade Trees and Ornamental Diseases

  • White Mold of Ornamentals: Information on the symptoms of this plant disease and control measures.
  • Verticillium Wilt of Flowers: Information on symptoms and control of this plant disease.
  • Phyophthora Root and Crown Rot: Information from Clemson University on this plant disease.
  • Fire Blight of Ornamentals: Information on the disease cycle and control of this plant disease.
  • Cytospora or Perennial Canker: Symptoms and control of this plant disease.
  • Leaf Scorch: Symptoms and prevention of leaf scorch.
  • Oedema: Symptoms and management strategies for oedema.

Non-Pathogenic Disorders

  • Herbicide Injury: Herbicide injury symptoms on soybeans and corn.
  • Iron Chlorosis: Information on iron chlorosis and what causes it.
  • Winter Injury: Fact sheet on the effects of winter injury.

Turf Diseases

  • Necrotic Ring Spot: Information and facts on necrotic ring spot in turfgrass.
  • Summer Patch: Information on symptoms, disease cycle, and management strategies of this turf disease.
  • Take-All Patch: Information on symptoms and control of this turf disease.

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